Helpsmith 8.1 Build 19.605 Crack

Helpsmith 8.1 Build 19.605 Crack

Helpsmith 8 Crack For Mac & Windows

Generate complicated help files with comfort, gratefulness to the user-friendly operating environment including multiple prospects as well as customization preferences. HelpSmith 8.1 Crack is a feature-rich application that lets users produce help files for different services with comfort. It essentially targets software developers. The installer grants you select elements if it proceeds to the spell checker vocabularies – English (US, UK, Australia, Canada) and German. Its basic panel is separated into different sections, particularly word processing section, topics pane and table of contents.

Helpsmith 8.1 Build 19.605 Crack

HelpSmith Licence Key options commonplace text written material and data format tools that are acquainted with anyone. They concentrate on indents and spacing, tab stops, bullets and lists, and hyperlinks, among others.
You can produce and organize the table of contents and its branches during a tree read, build new topics, teams and templates, further as export and import information (HTML facilitate project or Compiled hypertext markup language facilitate file).

Other choices of HelpSmith 8.1 Activation Key allow you to use exploration and replace perform once managing giant amounts of knowledge, notice topics, manage a keywords list, further as insert footage and flicks from a file, media from a repository, page breaks, horizontal lines, bookmarks, conditions, HTML code, text variables, and breadcrumbs. There are several alternative options supported by this application.
It runs on a low-to-moderate amount of mainframe and RAM, features a smart latency and performs well. The tool failed to droop, crash or show error notifications throughout our analysis. because of its big range of choices and configurable settings, HelpSmith Crack ought to satisfy all users United Nations agency ar wanting to form well-rounded facilitate files for his or her tools.

All Key Features:

  • Create CHM Help, Web Help, Manuals, PDF, as well as Word Documents from a Single Source
  • Built-in Word Processor with a Spell Checker
  • Dynamic Styles for Formatting Attributes
  • Import Content from Existing Help Files as well as Documents
  • Built-in Screen Capture Tool
  • Automatic Help Creation for Dialog Windows
  • Conditional Compilation as well as Build Tags
  • User-Editable Variables
  • Topic Templates
  • Smart Project Merge for Project Translation as well as Team Work
  • Customizable Web Help Layout as well as Ready-to-Use Design Themes
  • Single Media Repository for Images as well as Videos
  • Help File Integration as well as Context-Sensitive Help
  • Modern User Interface as well as Slight Learning Curve

What’s new in HelpSmith 8.1 Build 19.605?

  • The Image Tool now includes support for Undo/Redo commands.
  • The Image Tool now allows you to Copy and Paste annotations and other objects on an image. Also, it is possible to copy/paste style and shadow settings of a selected object to other objects.
  • Icons for different DPI modes added to the Project Manager tree, Keyword tool, Media Repository window, and HTML Includes editor.
  • Added a “New Project” dialog that allows you to specify the project’s Title, Language, and also to create default templates for different output formats.
  • Added the possibility to change a media reference, text variable, or color code in the built-in HTML Editor.
  • Revised keyboard shortcuts to access commands on the Ribbon (press Alt+Key).
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to access the Screen Capture functions: in the HelpSmith main window, press Ctrl+F10 to access the Image Tool; in the Image Tool, press Ctrl+F10 to capture a screenshot by mouse, or Shift+Ctrl+F10 to capture a screenshot by a timer.
  • The Import feature now allows you to import A-Keywords from an existing CHM help file.
  • The Keyword tool now allows you to drag and drop keywords to the A-Keywords tree, and vice versa.
  • Web Help layout did not switch to the mobile version on the iPad.
  • When linking to a specific topic in a Web Help system, frames did not load in some cases.
  • Conditional text blocks defined in the text of a topic did not work when creating an ePub eBook.
  • Better support for High DPI display mode in dialog windows.
  • Other improvements and minor bug fixes.


  • 1 GHz processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • 150 MB free disk space

How to Activate Crack?

  1. First of all download the Helpsmith 8.1 Crack and latest Version of HelpSmith 8.1 Build 19.605 from the below button.
  2.  After that press to put it into bar code
  3. Click on the Activation button.
  4. That’s It.

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